How do you spot the right talent and improve your odds at hiring exceptional talent? Some people value the resume and look for good people on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+. The Rare Find (George Anders) says this might not be the best approach. Inside, are numerous stories about how people who hire look past the resume, and instead look for qualities such as: adaptability, perseverance, and mettle.

Anders believes we should keep our eyes open for fresh thinkers, people who handle stress well, and those who can stay motivated even during tough times. He also says we should consider people who connect well with others, and those who manage their time well – and especially those who look for opportunities to stretch themselves (even if they fail).

It’s a good book for anyone in a position to hire, and we see it as a valuable book for recruiters. It can show them how to look for specific good-to-have qualities such as: staying calm in a crisis, rebounding well, having a good work ethic and being dedicated to fulfilling commitments. One of the most interesting characteristics it seems is the capacity to learn and grow.


The book Talent is Overrated (Geoff Colvin) says that people who excel do so because they dedicate 10+ years to practice with purpose. He defines this effort as a deep, ongoing and continual effort to get better. If you are management, or in charge of hiring for your department or organization, we recommend reading this book. It will help you to understand how people at the very top of their craft think and act.


Check out these videos with Geoff Colvin.

If you want to become great at something, consider the time and effort required to be great – and then decide if it’s worth the sacrifice. If it is, then go do it. Need some motivation? Here is a video clip we found that might inspire you. We liked it.