People think entrepreneurs are odd (like this duck-horse), but most are normal – and just like the rest of us. Want to be an entrepreneur? These books are a good place to start.

 The Art of the Start (Guy Kawasaki) is a great first book for entrepreneurs to read. All entrepreneurs should read this book because it’s an eye-opener. It will show you how to start, position and pitch your company – and help you understand what to do in which order. Want to know how to start and launch a startup, create a good pitch, hire early talent,and brand and market the new startup? It’s in there. Read the book. We recommend it.


If you like this book, then you will probably also like The Knack by Norm Brodsky. In fact, we recommend you start with this one. The book explains some of the mistakes people make in startups. It’s practical advice from been-there-done-that authors. If you have run businesses before then we might recommend it as a good review book. If you have no experience with startups, then this is a great primer.


If you are an owner/operator – or CEO – and like the two books above, then you will like Traction (Gino Wickman). This book helps you connect all the parts of the business together to make it work as one well oiled machine. It shows you how to create the roles for everyone in the organization, and then establish their responsibilities and then how to hold them accountable. Everyone works together (in their own way) to serve the organization, and each person has their objectives/goals to move forward. Each person has one rock or stone (a big to-do) that only they can move forward. Everyone moves their rocks/stones forward and each person’s activities roll up to serve the whole company. Reach this book to learn how to focus everyone in the company to align and grow the business.