[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]ere are 6 great recruiting videos that successfully show others what it’s like to work inside the company:

Cake Marketing

Cake uses this recruitment video to give us a sense of setting and culture, and to set a tone for the company and it’s people.

KMRD Partners

See what it’s like to work at KMRD. The video below opens with actual employees talking about how great it is to work at KMRD and all the things that make the company so special. Go to the KMRD website to watch explainer videos or visit KMRD Careers to learn more about working at KMRD and to apply for open job positions.

Carrot Creative

This video looks to be shot at an intersection in the Dumbo neighborhood of Brooklyn (with the Manhattan Bridge in the background) and speaks to their hip and cool nature, including: graffiti, skulls, tee shirts, scooters, (the) orange sofa, and beer.


Zendesk introduces their team(s) and uses the video to tell us they are great, and that we should join them. They are international, in San Franciso, and have greeters. We get a clear sense of the space and location, both inside and out – and they take it down to the local level and show us where some employees get coffee and lunch and the parking lot behind the building.


In this video, Harley-Davidson York Manufacturing Facility employees talk about how they are exporting freedom around the globe every day. It’s a great story of people who believe in America, freedom, and craft. It speaks to pride, shows great (and beautiful) product on the plant floor, and touches the soul.


Barclays uses this video as a customer video and recruiting video. It’s (kind of) funny and works to share that they are snatching up top talent all around. It’s simple and short. Does it work? We believe it just might.