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[dropcap size=big]H[/dropcap]adoop is a free, Java-based open-source software used to help store and manage large amounts of data cheaply and effectively. It is very flexible and is designed to scale up from one server to thousands of servers. And it makes it possible to run very large applications (uninterrupted) with thousands of terabytes of data. Wikipedia

Doug Cutting, Hadoop’s creator, named the framework after his child’s stuffed toy elephant.

Here’s a brief video to help you understand Hadoop.

Here’s a great 7 minute video that will help you understand Big Data.

Watch the CEO of Cloudera explain the origins of Hadoop.

Large organizations like Google and IBM use it to solve problems where they are dealing with lots of structured (and unstructured) data. Increasingly, you see it being used in advertising networks and online search engines, or in very large platforms across finance, health care and retail.

Hadoop has two main parts – a distrubuted filesystem and a data processing framework.

  • The distributed filesystem is the scattered storage system
  • The data processing framework is the tool used to work with and process the data.

Watch this video with Doug Cutting explaining the future of Hadoop.

Want to learn more about Hadoop?

What is Hadoop

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Why Hadoop is a big deal

[divider]HADOOP DEVELOPER ROLE[/divider]

A Hadoop developer is responsible for the design, development and operations of systems that store and manage large amounts of data.

Most Hadoop developers have a computer software background and have a degree in information systems, software engineering, computer science, or mathematics.

Hadoop developers are in high demand, and the money is great. (see Hadoop Developer Salaries on Glassdoor.com). There is always a need for a good Hadoop developer. In fact, companies have such a hard time recruiting good Hadoop developers that they often engage a technology staffing firm to help them in their search. Hadoop developers usually progress through their career starting out as lower-level developers and move up to become senior-level developers and Tteam leaders, and eventually Development Architects and even Chief Information Officers (CIO).

[divider] HADOOP DEVELOPER SKILLS[/divider]

Below are some links to free information, courses, tutorials, and training to build your Hadoop developer skills.

Cloudera Certified Developer for Apache Hadoop (CCDH)

Yahoo! Hadoop Tutorial

Jump on the Hadoop Mailing Lists

The Developing Solutions Using Apache Hadoop training is designed for developers who want to better understand how to create Apache Hadoop solutions.

Here is a Hadoop Intro Tutorial from Cloudera

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