[dropcap size=big]Y[/dropcap]ou have an idea and want to build your own website right? Creating a website with WordPress is relatively easy. Just follow the directions and our steps below.

First, you will want to set up your hosting account. There are many different providers but if you want it to be super easy, consider GoDaddy. Open an account and set up hosting and then upload the latest version of WordPress.  If you get stuck you can call them and they will walk you through it.



Next go get a theme you like. There are many theme providers to choose from. Visit Themeforest.net and click the WordPress tab and you will see many different kinds of themes searchable by use, ratings, authors, and more. Try to pick one you like that also has a few other buyers. Check out the comments before you buy to make sure it’s a good theme that has quality support. Buy the theme and download to your computer. Upload the theme to your wordpress site and activate. Many themes will allow you to add .xml dummy content so your new site will look like the example site. This way you can go back and change the content and make minor changes to the site, instead of rebuilding it from start.


Once you have your WordPress website set up with the theme of your choice – and your dummy content uploaded – you can begin to modify the content and make it your own. It will take a few hours or days, but soon you will have a brand new website.

We found this great list of resources in case you need help.